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This “Shine” clergy stole was created to commemorate UCC General Synod 2019 in Milwaukee. Traditional and contemporary imagery are used to interpret the scriptural theme for the 2019 General Synod: “Let your light shine before others …” (Matthew 5:16). The wearer shines like the sun, as the largest single image is of the sun and it’s rays. But the design also recognizes the light shining in the darkness with the star in the night sky, that both harkens back to the star that lighted the way for the magi and illuminates the nocturnal urban scene in the bottom third of the stole. Cars representing the journey of faith in our modern world themselves also light the way forward and into dark places, such as the highway underpass. Standing above, shining their light before others, are people holding lighted signs spelling out words and a person with a flashlight. These people are a nod to a Milwaukee group, the Overpass Light Brigade (http://overpasslightbrigade.org), that gathers to hold lighted messages that shine at night over highways and other public spaces. The cars themselves are also intended to provoke questions of how we can shine our light before others in today’s world. The cars bear the symbol “EV” for electric vehicle, recognizing that one way is through care of creations through our choices about the way we live. Material: Cotton.

32nd General Synod "Shine" Stole

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  • Spot Clean or Dry Clean ONLY

    Can iron on COTTON setting. Best to use a cover cloth when ironing.